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We offer our services to private and commercial clients with great majority of insurance products from the best insurance companies in Poland.


The most popular insurance products from our offer are listed below:


  • Car insurance - mandatory liablility (OC) and full coverage with Auto Casco and theft (AC, NNW, Assistance)
  • Homeowners'/home/house/apartment/property insurance
  • Packages for cars and houses with extra bonuses
  • Travelers' insurance
  • Complex business insurance offer (business/commercial liablility insurance, car fleet, property, contract, D&O etc.)

With us you can get a new car insurance, home, property, life or business insurance or renew your current policy in: Allianz, AXA, Compensa, ERGO Hestia, Generali, Interrisk, Link4, Proama, PZU, Uniqa, Warta and Wiener.


Below you will find most helpful Polish/English translation of insurance words for car and home insurance.

Car insurance:

  • samochód - car
  • ubezpieczenie - insurance
  • ubezpieczenie samochodu - car insurance
  • OC komunikacyjne - mandatory car/motor liability insurance. According to Polish law every registered vehicle needs to be insured, no matter if you drive it or not. The only exception is made for historic cars which can be insured only while beeing driven.
  • Auto casco / AC - if you add Auto Casco with theft to mandatory OC, then you will have full comprehensive insurance coverage for your car.
  • Ubezpieczenie od kradzieży - insurance against theft. In most cases it is a part of Auto Casco or mini Casco but in some insurance companies you can buy Autocasco without theft.
  • NNW - unforeseen disasters for driver and passengers in case of an accident
  • Assistance - car/motor assistance - depending on the package assistance may include replacement car in case of theft, collision, damage, car towing in case of damage or collision and hotel if something happends during a longer trip. Car Assistance is available in insurance packages with Auto Casco or just with OC.
  • Szyby - car windows' insurance - can protect your no claims insurance history because you don't need to use Auto Casco in case of a car window damage.
  • Zniesione udziały własne - no deductibles - important option which means no extra cost for you in case of an accident or theft.
  • Zniesiona amortyzacja - no amortization - will let you repair your car with new original parts at authorized dealership's shop in case of an accident. The insurer will pay all costs.

Home insurance:

  • ubezpieczenie mieszkania/domu - home/house insurance
  • mieszkanie - apartment, flat
  • dom - house, home
  • kradzież - theft
  • stałe elementy - unmovables
  • ruchomości - movables
  • ubezpieczenie od ognia i innych zdarzeń losowych - insurance against fire and unforseen disasters i.e. fire, flood, flooding
  • ubezpieczenie od kradzieży - insurance against theft
  • wartość odtworzeniowa/nowa - no amortization will be deducted in case of damage (recommended option)
  • wartość rzeczywista - amortization will be deducted in case of damage

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